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SINCE 1923

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About Us

Pueblo's #1 Bakery

You go to a nice bakery and you can enjoy a nice sweet that's made well and it doesn't make you put on any weight if you eat in modera-tion and if you do a little bit of exercise.We cook everything fresh from our own ovens.

Banquet Schuster Bakery, Pueblo, Colorado

Our History

It All Started Here

Steve J. Monack, son of Slovenian immigrant parents, learned the craft of baking in Pueblo, Colorado while working at Sajbel & Stank grocery store in about 1920, according to family lore. By the mid to late 1920’s, Monack opened the White Lily Bakery in Pueblo’s 100 block of Union Avenue. Within a year or two, Mr Monack moved to a location across the street, renaming the business Banquet Bakery. Banquet Shop French bread was delivered to many of the town’s neighborhood grocery stores which were prevalent in that era before large, national chain grocery stores came to Pueblo. Many generations of Pueblo families enjoyed Banquet doughnuts, cakes, cookies, breadsticks, hard rolls and French bread over the years.

History Rooter in Pueblo's Mesa Junction Neighborhood

A few blocks away, in the Historic Mesa Junction neighborhood, Jonny Weber opened Weber's Bakery in the min - to late- 1930's, at 115 E. Abriendo Avenue, across from the town library. In the 1940s, Weber sold his bakery to Ivan and Olene Schuster, who renamed the business Schuster's Bakery. Schuster's offered small panty cookies, cream pies, plus birthday and wedding cakes and the still popular orange and cherry Chiffon cakes.

After Steve Monack's death in 1965, his son Stephen took the helm of Banquet Bakery. At that time, Banquet crafted sandwich rolls, and French bread for several local restaurants. The bakery also produced a full line of bakery products such as cookies, cakes, breadsticks and their full line of breads for sale in the Banquet Shop.

By 1971, Ivan and Olene wanted to retire and they were confident that Stephen Monack was the man who would successfully continue the traditions of their bakery. Stephen and his wife Janet merged the two long-time establishments, changing the business name to Banquet-Schusters. They officially launched the merged bakery on July 17, 1971. It was truly a family enterprise. Besides Stephen and Janet and their sons, Stephen’s sister Barbara worked there until her retirement decades later., along with various nieces, nephews, and other relatives working alongside dedicated employees.

Stephen Monack continued producing the ever popular products originating from both bakeries. He also developed his own recipes for additional tasty treats. Things like the ever-popular holiday cut-out cookies, decorated sugar cookies as well as the undecorated frosted sugar cookies. 

After Stephen’s untimely death in 1999, his sons continued the family tradition as they became the third generation of Monacks baking and operating the iconic business, continuing the baking legacy of their father and their grandfather.